# Segments

A segment is a saved filter that MarketHype tracks and continuously calculates statistics for. Segments are a tool for dividing your audience into smaller chunks with common denominators. They let you analyze audience performance and development over time in a much more in-depth way. Ultimately segments let you customize your communication with different parts of your audience and there by drive loyalty and retention.

# Creation

Segment template

When creating a segment you have the option to choose a template targeting a group of contacts that many event organizers wish to focus on, or you can copy and extend one of your previous segments, or just start with a clean slate.

After choosing a name, selected a fitting avatar and writing a description it's time to customize the filter to target the contacts you want to isolate. Read more on filtering here.

# Use

Once your segment is saved it is available to you when making exports and it will show up on every details view for events, segments and season tickets and give you statistics for your segment in that specific context.

# Follow up

Segment statistics are calculated and saved every night, so part of the data boxes in the details view for your newly created segment won’t be available until the next day. There are a number of reasons why calculating and storing data in this manner is the only way to keep track of segment development. A side effect of this is that changing a semgents filter would make all historic data invalid. You would no longer be comparing apples with apples.

Copy to change audience

Copy your segment and the tweak your filter if you wish to update your target audience.

Once populated - there is a wealth of data regarding your segment, divided into three tabs: demography, purchase behavior and map. Happy exploring!

Segment stats