# Setup your subscription types

Before you start collecting consents from your contacts, it is wise to consider what type of information you want to communicate with your customers. By default, your account comes with a single general purpose "Marketing" subscription type. For many organizations it is enough with a single subscription type, but maybe you want to separate your communication further.

Subscription types can be configured through the application. Subscription type settings are available under Settings / Privacy & GDPR / Subscription types.


# Create / edit subscription type

Every subscription type require a name and a short description that clearly describes to a subscriber what type of information to expect when opting in to the subscription type.


# Archive a subscription type

If you no longer use a certain subscription type, you can archive it. When a subscription type is archived you can no longer communicate with the subscribers of that subscription type, neither is it possible for people to subscribe to that subscription type.

All consents you have obtained for the subscription type before it was archived will be kept, in case you change your mind and want to activate it again in the future.