# How consent affect your emails

When communicating with your contacts, MarketHype separates the communication into two different communication types - "marketing" and "non-marketing" information. Every time you create a new email in the email editor, you will be asked about the type of communication you are working on. Your choice will then affect the rest of the process, to make sure you only send your email to contacts you have the lawful right to communicate within on that topic.

# Communication types

Who you are allowed to send emails to depends on many things. If your email contain marketing, news, information about upcoming events, etc., it's vital to respect your contacts consent. However, some information like important information about a purchase a contact has made from you, should reach your customer no matter what. To take some weight of your shoulders, we've designed the email editor to separate the two types of communication, to make it easy for you to always engage with your customers the right way.


# Marketing information

Most of your communication - marketing emails, newsletters, upcoming events, shareholder information etc. fall into this category, and for these emails you need consent from the contact in order to send the information.

When using the marketing information communication type, you are required to specify a subscription type to define what type of information you are about to communicate.

Let's say you have a subscription type "Newsletter". When you design your email and select subscribers of "Newsletter" in the recipients filter, MarketHype will make sure that only contacts with a valid consent for "Newsletter" will receive the email.

# Non-marketing information

Under some circumstances you may need to email your contacts some important information. Maybe you've had to cancel an event last minute and need to inform the visitors. That kind of information needs to reach your contacts, no matter what - even if they've unsubscribed from your marketing information. For these occasions you have the communication type "non-marketing information".

Sending an email with non-marketing information is a powerful tool. This will bypass consents entirely, and include contacts even if they have unsubscribed from all of your marketing communication. As this option override any desire expressed by your contact, it should be used with great caution and only ever be used when it is absolutely necessary.

Do not include marketing or other non-vital information in your communication when you use the "non-marketing information" communication type.

As Spider-Man's uncle once said:

With great power comes great responsibility!

# Choosing subscription types

When you design an email in the email editor, the default communication type is "Marketing information". Unless you've changed the communication type of your email to "Non-marketing information", you will be required to select subscribers to at least one of your subscription types in the audience filter.

If you're designing your weekly newsletter for example, you start off by filtering your recipients to only include subscribers to your "Weekly newsletter" subscription type. That way you can be sure that only contacts with an active subscription to your newsletter will receive the email.



If you want to narrow your recipients selection even further, you have the full power of the audience filter at your disposal. Let's say you want to target your senior newsletter subscribers with a special daytime offer - no problem! Or maybe you want to send a promo code to all your newsletter subscribers who also make frequent purchases from you - we've got you covered there as well!

By simply selecting the right subscription type, you hand over the responsibility to us to make sure that the email only reach the inbox of people who have given their consent. You focus on targeting the right audience, and we make sure that you always respect your contacts' consents.

# Unsubscribes

At any time, your subscribers can unsubscribe from any or all of your subscription types. When they do, they will not receive any future emails you send to the subscribers of those subscription types. If they change their mind, the can opt back in at any time, and they will start receiving your emails again.

There is one exception to this rule though - emails containing "Non-marketing information". Any email with communication type "Non-marketing information" will ignore the fact that a contact have unsubscribed from your marketing information, and send the email to them anyway.