# Avoiding emails ending up in spam filters

When sending emails the goal is of course that the emails end up in your recipients inboxes - without getting caught in a spam filter. There are a few things you can think about to prevent this from happening.

# Keep an eye on your email size

Some email clients will flag your email as spam if it's over 100 KB. In MarketHype there is a size indicator in the Review and send dialog which will warn you when your email reaches 95 KB, this is to leave some room for resolved merge tags.

Email size indicator

# Avoid all image emails

Avoid sending emails that consists of mostly or only images since this is a common type of email to get flagged as spam. Use the text block for body text instead of importing an image, for example.

# MarketHype and spam precautions

It is rare for a user to mark an emails as spam, but it does happen. There are two things that MarketHype does to keep your email domain trustworthy;

When an email has been marked as spam, either by a spam filter or by the user themselves, MarketHype will flag that email address and not send further emails to the recipient.

If 0.05% of all of your sent emails are marked as spam you will receive a warning in MarketHype and get blocked from sending further emails. Please contact us if that happens so that we can investigate what led to the high spam rate and resolve the issue.

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