# Using fonts in your emails

Playing with fonts and typography is an easy way to make your email stand out and feel more alive. However, there are a few things you should know about fonts in emails before you get started.

# Web safe fonts vs. Web fonts

# Web safe fonts

Web safe fonts are fonts that are usually installed on the recipient’s computer by default, because of that these fonts don’t need to be pulled from the internet and are supported by most modern email clients. By using a web safe font you can be sure that your email will look as expected to your recipients.

# Web fonts

Web fonts are fonts that need to be pulled from the internet to be displayed in your email. Because of this the support is very limited, most email clients do not support fetching fonts and they will instead fall back to another similar web safe font. This might cause your email to look different in different email clients.

# Client support

Email client Web safe fonts Web fonts
Apple Mail ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Outlook 2007-2016 ✓ Yes ✘ No
Outlook 2019 ✓ Yes ✘ No
Outlook for Mac ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Outlook Office 365 ✓ Yes ✘ No
Gmail App ✓ Yes ✘ No
iOS ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Outlook App ✓ Yes ✘ No
Samsung Mail ✓ Yes ✘ No
Gmail ✓ Yes ✘ No
Outlook.com ✓ Yes ✘ No

# Recommendations

Because of the limited web font support we have set up fallback fonts for all the web fonts in MarketHype, however these fonts are not identical to the web fonts and if you chose to use them your email will look different in different email clients.

If there are places in your email where you need to have a very specific font, for example company brand or similar, we recommend using an image instead. However, it is not recommended to use images in place of text blocks since that will decrease the accessibility and your email might not display as expected or get flagged as spam.

# Fonts in MarketHype

The following fonts are available in MarketHype.

Font Type
Andale Mono Web safe *
Arial Black Web safe
Arial Web safe
Book Antiqua Web safe **
Cabin Web font
Comic Sans MS Web safe
Courier New Web safe
Crimson Text Web font
Georgia Web safe
Helvetica Web safe *
Impact Web safe
Lato Web font
Lobster Two Web font
Montserrat Web font
Old Standard TT Web font
Open Sans Web font
Pacifico Web font
Playfair Display Web font
Raleway Web font
Rubik Web font
Source Sans Pro Web font
Symbol Web safe
Tahoma Web safe
Terminal Web safe
Times New Roman Web safe
Trebuchet MS Web safe
Verdana Web safe

* - Safe for Mac but not Windows

** - Safe for Windows but not Mac