# How bounces work

Bounces happen when your email can't reach the recipients inbox and is instead returned to the sender. There are two different types of bounces, hard and soft.

# Soft bounces

A soft bounce is a temporary problem that can be resolved. The email could in theory reach the inbox but for some reason it didn't. Some common reasons for soft bounces are:

  • The recipient's inbox is full
  • The email size is too large to be delivered
  • The recipient's email server is offline
  • The recipient's email server is unreachable because of technical issues

MarketHype will try to send an email seven times before it's considered a soft bounce. After that we will continue to send new emails to the recipient but if seven soft bounces are registered on that address it will get flagged and no further emails will be sent to the recipient.

# Hard bounces

A hard bounce is a permanent problem. This means that the email will not be received by the recipient. Some reasons for hard bounces are:

  • The recipient's email domain does not exist
  • The recipient's email does not exist

When a hard bounce has been registered on an address MarketHype will flag that address and no further emails will be sent to the recipient.

# MarketHype and bounce precautions

As previously mentioned MarketHype takes some precautions to keep your bounce rate low. However, if it were to reach 5% you will receive a warning in MarketHype and get blocked from sending further emails. Please contact us if that happens so that we can investigate what led to the high bounce rate and resolve the issue.

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